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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a unique organizational design company that leverages universal design principles to craft high-quality environments tailored to the needs of diverse users or businesses. Our approach is rooted in simplicity, safety, convenience, and sustainability, with a focus on fostering a low-carbon society. We draw wisdom from our project development, design, and management experiences, all with the aim of making a positive impact on the living environment and enhancing quality of life.


Our Story

 Our chief, Lin, an esteemed architect, is a specialist in sustainable, energy-saving technologies and accessible housing renovations. With over 20 years of hands-on experience on construction sites, she leads our team in collaborating with MTB members and external professional consultants to execute environmentally friendly and accessible housing renovations, as well as other construction engineering and environmental improvement projects. As a lead architect, she guides owners in assessing needs and expenditures, making budget allocation recommendations, and coordinating renovation projects while identifying viable resources.

We truly believe that every individual deserves a home that is not only affordable but also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and accessible. We understand that building a home within budget constraints can be challenging, and we empathize with the difficult choices and compromises that need to be made. Our team is committed to researching materials and identifying cost-effective solutions while maintaining feasible material details to create spaces that are not only cost-effective but also aesthetically pleasing. We believe that good spatial qualities are essential for creating a comfortable and welcoming home, and we are dedicated to achieving these goals while keeping affordability in mind.


In Taiwan, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by limited land and a dense population. Our primary objective is to enhance accessibility and connectivity through modern infrastructure policies that promote smart management, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Since 2019, Lin and the company's founder, Mr. Han, have been contracted to implement the Taipei City Government's long-term accessibility improvement plan. They are focused on developing solutions to meet the needs of the growing elderly population, with a particular emphasis on enhancing accessibility assistance. The work demonstrates that accessible space can serve as an assistive device.

Meet The World

We are currently on the verge of crossing borders, exerting greater influence, and making more contributions to society. We strongly believe that by breaking down our experiences and sharing and communicating them with others, we can inspire and motivate them to take action, make positive changes, and contribute meaningfully towards improving our living environment.
        In the future, we can achieve greater success by jointly developing technological resources, contributing to the well-being of local ecosystems, and embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle while meeting the basic needs of people with disabilities. We must strive towards greater inclusion for everyone and work towards a sustainable future.





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