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Work Achievement

Lin, as our project chief, has made long-term contributions to architectural planning such as sustainable environments and elderly spaces. Here we capture representative projects over the years and present them in a cumulative or average way*. For example, in terms of carbon sequestration through planting, the planted trees, shrubs, and green spaces are expected to produce 207,815kg of TCO2 (carbon dioxide fixation) per year. The large spaces such as offices, factories, and residences are designed to help owners save energy. Considering the cost, the energy-saving efficiency of the shell reaches an average of 26% to 35%. The proportion of indoor green building materials used in each project reaches 60.85%, which is far more than the current legal standard of the Taiwanese government (40%). Current participation results across Taiwan are expected to generate 38,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy power generation. Since 2018, Lin has invested in the home environment improvement project for the elderly in the community, providing living space improvement and assistive device services required by the elderly living at home in Taipei, starting from the construction of small-scale, high-function, low-cost assistive spaces. The basic considerations are that the development pattern, circulation, and decoration are safe for residential use, provide a convenient and suitable living environment for elderly families, and improve the quality of life to meet the future society of super-old age and low birthrate. *The relevant data is based on the key points of green building operations approved by the Taiwan Construction Center, and the calculation method refers to the Building Assessment Manual of the Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior and the Renewable Energy Council of the Executive Yuan.

Pan, Tien-Yi, Architect

“Lin is a responsible and innovative architect who has played a crucial role in the projects we worked on together."
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